Concerning Keyword Research

Text is one of the most important SEO building techniques implemented into a website, press release, blog, or article.

Keywords are of particular importance within the text on the page, where those keywords appear, and how often. Our research into keywords particular to your business specializations will match the words and phrases that potential visitors will use when searching for your site, or specific topics on your site. These keywords make all the difference when a search engine indexes your website and produces it in the search results.

Our research professionals research popular keywords and keyword phrases to determine their activity and popularity among competitors. We develop lists of the most frequently searched for terms, and determine the competitiveness of each phrase. This is very useful for figuring out how difficult it will be to rank for a given term. It may also highlight diamonds in the rough that have low competition-rates, but high relevancy. With this information, we populate your content with the most relevant and effective keywords so that your website, press release, blog, or article is capable of maximum rank-ability.

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