Content Translation Services

Content Need to Reach a Diverse Audience?
Content Professional understands that not all businesses operate solely in English. Therefore we offer content translation services for those marketing to diverse demographic audiences, and to those who wish to market to them. As the use of the internet continues to grow there will be more and more opportunity for your business to capitalize on larger markets as long as you can reach out to them. The first way to do this is easy- speak their language.

Our content translators will do just that in a metaphorical and contextual way, meaning we will render your content in ways that are both effective and highly accurate. Below is a graph that shows the diversity of language on the Internet and can give your business an idea of the markets available to them if they could reach them in their respective languages.

Our Translators
Our translators are a pool of hand selected, specially trained native to their working language professionals that adhere to the highest of standards. We will never churn out clumsy, word-for-word translations for the sake of preserving cute slogans or clever verbiage.

Here is an interesting story (although untrue) you may have heard on how language can effect your target market:

General Motors introduced their Chevy Nova model into Spanish-speaking countries, and then scratched their heads when it sold poorly. The company remained puzzled until someone told them that “nova” translates to “doesn’t go” in Spanish. The embarrassed automobile company then changed the vehicles name to Caribe, and watched in delight as the cars sales took off.

Although this story is inaccurate but so frequently used in hundreds if not thousands of books about marketing, it clearly illustrates the pitfalls of doing business in foreign countries and for this example in foreign language. The point made is that content translation requires an adequate amount of preparation and research before it is introduced to the target market to ensure both accuracy and contextual regularity. To reach this goal, we put certain safeguards into our translation including:

• Translators who work in their native language and are specially trained to render language
• An expert in the field (banking, hospitality, etc.) who has native proficiency in the target language who reviews the job for accuracy and terminology
• A native would-be applicant or customer who is asked to review the overall comprehensibility, and grammatical and social correctness of the translation
• A Final Editor with a clinical eye for all the above quality points, who gives the job a once-over to ensure delivery of a job worthy of our name

What Would You Like Translated?
Our content translators specialize in the translation of:

• websites
• forms
• manuals
• contracts
• slogans
• brochures
• manuals
• and more

In short- anything written, actual or virtual. Contact Us today for your free quote.