About Press Release Writing

Press Releases are written communications directed at members of the news media with the purpose of announcing something newsworthy.

The use of a press release is a common public relations tactic in which the goal is to attract favorable media attention or provide publicity for products, events, or company news. A well written press release should provide the who, what, when, where, and why of the story. Written effectively and submitted efficiently, a press release can be a great way to generate a buzz or to attract favorable attention to your business.

Don’t know what kind of information would be newsworthy?
All businesses have news, whether it be a new product, new website, an event, etc. All of these topics can be used to get your business increased online exposure. Here are some of the most common press release topics:

Hosting an event or a fundraiser
Successful events need publicity- what better way to announce your event online, where millions of people can learn how they can support or participate. A press release will keep your audience up to date on the happenings of your business and drive traffic to your website to learn more.

Winning an award
Awards deserve to be shared with your customers, and they probably had a lot to do with your achievement to begin with. Sending out a press release is a great way to give your company credibility with your customers, and it shows the world that your business methods are a success.

Announcing a new product or service
This kind of exposure develops a buzz with existing customers, and new customers who may have been unaware of your products or services. Tell your audience the details about your new product or service in a press release, and they will want to go to your website to learn more.

Announcing an employee change
A press release about a promotion or a new hire can show the world the professionalism and growth your business has sustained. It also shows that you care enough about your employees and to mention their accolades.

Launching a new partnership
The mention of a business partnership can enhance your reputation and promote your company’s growth. It also build’s credibility for your company as well as for your partner, and can potentially lead to new customers for both organizations.

Sharing survey results
Publicizing market research shows that your business bases its merits on empirical and statistical data that helps you build credibility and awareness to your key initiatives. Whether you share data that is related to your industry or support for an affiliate program, you are establishing yourself as an authority for the information which will gain valuable exposure.

In terms of SEO, a press release gives another opportunity for content to link back to your website and for the public to learn more about your business or products. This is another feature to assist your website in ranking well and can also be a cost effective way to gain valuable exposure.

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