Proofreading & Editing Services

Content Professional is pleased to offer professional-grade proofreading and SEO content editing services for businesses that need specialized help polishing their web content before it is published. Hiring a professional editor and proofreader is smart because any content that is to be published on either the web or other medium is a firm representation of the company whose name is associated with the text. For this reason any mistakes in your content that go unnoticed before publication can have negative repercussions on the image of the brand.

To help alleviate any concerns you may have regarding the content that is to be distributed, our professional editors and proofreaders work to correct grammar, remedy redundant language, fix problem sentences, and enhance vocabulary. Additionally we replace spelling errors, improve clarity, and reorganize sentence and paragraph structure when appropriate.

We carefully consider the writing style you use to represent your business and mimic the overall tone of your content, only making revisions that are necessary or improve the overall quality of the message. This is all done by native English speakers, who blend their revision styles with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that also help your content appeal to search engine query results. We do this with effective keyword placement based off of empirically backed research.

How the Editing & Proofreading Process Works
Editing is always done before proofreading as it serves to see whether your content is well-organized, has smooth transitions between paragraphs, and that the evidence backs up the argument. We edit on several levels:


  1. Content- Editing the content checks to see if the claims within are accurate and explained properly, especially is the content is done for marketing purposes. We check to see if the message is clearly supported and that all the information is relevant to the main topic of the page/article/medium.
  2. Overall Structure- We check the overall structure to see if there is an appropriate introduction and conclusion. We investigate to see if the following questions are answered: If an outline were created for the content would it follow the appropriate points in order of importance? Is it clear how each paragraph is related to the main topic or point of the page?
  3. Structure within Paragraphs- Structure within paragraphs is checked to see that each paragraph has a clear topic sentence. Also we check to see that each paragraph sticks to one main idea, and that any extraneous or missing sentences in the paragraph are addressed.
  4. Clarity- Sometimes when we right about a topic that makes sense to us we forget that our audience may not understand it fully. Having a second set of eyes ensures that any third party reading your content understands important terms or topics, and works to avoid unclear subjects that may confuse the reader.
  5. Style- We will check the style of your paper to see if appropriate tone (formal, informal, persuasive) is used with the end reader in mind. We also check the use of gendered language (fireman, nurse), that the length and structure of your sentences is varied, check the consistency of plural or singular language, and ensure there are no unnecessary phrases.

After the editing is done, proofreading will focus on surface errors such as misspellings and mistakes in grammar and punctuation. This is usually done after all editing revisions have been made. Proofreading is important because when you’ve worked hard to develop and present your ideas, you don’t want careless errors distracting your reader from what you have to say. It really is the attention to detail that helps you make a good impression.

The Proofreading Process

  1. Spell Check- Beyond just blatant misspellings, Content Professional looks for mistakes such as “your” and “you’re,” “to” and “too,” and “their” and “there” to name a few.
  2. Grammar Check- A grammar check helps to identify run-on sentences or too-frequent use of the passive voice. It also looks into appropriate apostrophe usage.
  3. Punctuation Check- The misuse or misplacement of punctuation can impair the meaning of a sentence and detract from its good impression. We make sure this is done by the book and maintains your message’s clarity.

To learn more about the Proofreading and Editing Process by Content Professional contact us today!